7 Benefits of HIIT

#1 Burn More Calories

High Intensity Interval Training burns more calories than most other forms of aerobic or cardiovascular exercise.  You have probably heard the term EPOC or Exercise Post-Oxygen Consumption.  HIIT increases levels of oxygen intact your body needs after working out to account for your body’s oxygen deficiencies.  You can BURN 500-600+ CALORIES during our Interval Training Classes.

#2 HIIT is efficient 

This is the perfect workout for busy people with little time to exercise.  When you spend less time working out, you are more likely to stick with an Interval Training exercise programs.  Our classes run between 35-50 minutes with over 45 classes each week.

#3 Anti-Aging Properties 

You heard that right!  Based on a scientific study, HIIT Training can firm your skin to reduce wrinkles, increase your metabolism, boost your energy, reduce body fat, improve muscle tone and increase libido. 

#4 Full Body Workout

It combines multiple forms of exercise to target different areas of your body.  Meaning less time spent in the gym with greater results.

#5 Improved Cardiovascular Health 

Interval exercise results are equal to or greater than spending 30 minutes on a treadmill.  So you spend less time on cardio machines and more time on what matters.    

#6 Anyone can do it

Whether you are trying to lose weight for the beach, prepare for your wedding or train for your next race.  High Intensity Interval Training is something everyone can do.  Especially when you are group fitness training were you can go at your own pace.

#7 It is FUN! 

People enjoy group Interval Training more than a long duration of moderate exercise.  HIIT is a quick efficient way to workout with your friends while getting in shape.