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Group Fitness Classes for the best total body workout in Sugar Land!

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What makes our workout different?

REVitalizing your workout routine has never been easier. Everyday our class is different, utilizing a variety of exercises and equipment. REV365’s workout model revolves around functional HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Research shows that HIIT should not be performed on back to back days. We alternate our workouts between Interval Training, and Cardio or Strength Training. Your body will achieve optimal results through our proven system.

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The formula is simple – muscle burns fat.  Our strength training uses kettlebells, dumbbells and KO8 straps to increase your results.  Adding muscle to your body will help REVerse your waistline.


We are the only Versaclimber Group Training in Sugar Land.  Our workouts also incorporate Concept2 Rowers, FreeMotion Treadmills and Rogue Echo Bikes. Get ready to REV your metabolism.


High Intensity Interval Training is repeated, short bursts of energy followed by rest. This is an optimal way to see results. REVamp your routine.


We like to make your workout fun by incorporating Challenges like our Vertical Triathlon. 


Our Cardio fitness training is for all levels of fitness.  We vary each workout so you see the results in the mirror and on the race course.  Members love the workout because they are not spending 30 minutes everyday on the treadmill.  It make the workouts go by even faster.

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The formula is simple – muscle burns fat. REVerse your waistline.


High Intensity Interval Training increases your endurance more than running on a treadmill.  We use traditional HIIT styles and created some of our own.  This gives you variety and the opportunity to see more changes in your body.

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Why it Works

REVamp your routine
REV your metabolism
REVitalize your life


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