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Our REVolutionary technology gives you the ability to track your performance during your workout and after your workout so that you see proven workout results. We use the latest heart-rate monitoring technology and medical grade body composition scanning to understand your body. Your journey to a healthier you should be gauged on where you started and how you got there.

Benefits of Heart Rate Monitoring

  • Increases performance in the gym
  • Instant workout results
  • Motivation during your workout
  • Greater potential to reach your fitness goals
  • Helps decrease recovery time

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Heart Rate Zones

We use track your heart rate through proven scientific methods so you hit your peak performance.  Our workouts are designed for you to be in the Power(Teal) and REV(Red) zone for 12-20 minutes.  You will increase your calorie burn for up to 24-36 hours after your workout.


Body composition measures the percentage of fat, muscle, and water you have within your body. An accurate breakdown of body weight helps you understand your body. Standard tests to determine body mass index (BMI), are usually unable to differentiate fat versus muscle.  We use medical research grade technology so your results are 99.9% accurate.

Our InBody 770 scan also looks at visceral fat and basal metabolic rate (BMR). Visceral fat is the dangerous fat around your organs that increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) shows how many calories (or energy) you burn at rest.

Tracking your body composition is a better tool to track your overall health than your scale at home. Your InBody scan will validate improvements with dietary, exercise, and lifestyle changes that your scale cannot!


Our medical research grade scanner is 99.9% accurate so you understand your body.  We are able to measure your muscle content, visceral fat and water content.  This is the most comprehensive body scan in Sugar Land. 


A quick index to help you understand your body’s composition.  For more accurate results, we recommend a body scan to determine your body’s overall health.


Your BMI is

Our InBody Composition Scans are 99.9% accurate, but this BMI Calculator can give you a general idea on whether you are at a “healthy“ weight or not.


Our InBody 770 scanner is the latest technology to accurately understand your body.  We believe that your weight is merely a number that does not show your true health.  Be informed about your health so you can make the right choices.

InBody Scan Preparation

Everything you need to know before taking your first body scan.  By following the tips below, you get the most accurate test every time.  An actual test takes about 60 seconds but getting the results could change your life.


  • Maintain your normal fluid intake the day before
  • Stand upright for at least 5 minutes before scan
  • Remove all heavy objects such as jewelry, watches, belts, wallets and jackets
  • Use the bathroom


  • Eat or exercise for at least 3 hours prior
  • Consume alcohol or excess caffeine for at least 24 hours prior
  • Use a sauna at least 24 hours prior
  • Use lotion/ointment on your hands and feet


Not a member of REV365 Fitness?  We still offer access to our InBody 770 Scanner to anyone wanting to understand their body’s composition.  Our gym members receive a reduced price on additional scans.  Contact us to find out more or purchase your scan below.  







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